What makes West Texas Swing Sets Features unique: 15 Year Warranty on our Wood.

All our Forts come with a lower floor and walls with only 1 opening.

Creates a clean play space for toys and toy furniture.

Creates a safer play area away from swings.

Eliminates the need to weed eat inside the lower fort.

Can be used as a sandbox if needed.

We bull nose router the edges of our wood for smoother edging and

less chance for splinters.  All wood is stained with TWP 102 Redwood 

oil based stain, that can be purchased at any Kelly-Moore paint store.

Depending on how much direct sun the swingset gets,  the swingset will

need to be re-stained about every 3 years to maintain its original new color.

We use 4 x 6 Timbers for the Top Swing Beam and A-frame legs for

maximum strength and durability. 

Swings are rated to 1000 lbs / swing position.

We use thicker wood on all upper floors meaning  2 x 4 boards that

are a full 1 -1/2″ thick.  No sagging or spongy flooring, and they can

hold up to kids and adults that weigh well over 250 lbs / each.

Watch our video and you can see that we deliver our swingsets on our

own trucks.  This reduces freight damage and missing parts……and

 they do come 80% pre-assembled.  We still install about 90% of our sets,

but with about 4 hours of your time, you can have a lot of fun with your

cordless drill and a few household tools!

Swing Set Free Delivery


We believe in our product.  Our warranty on our wood is 15 years.   We expect it to last a lifetime.

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