Our believe our swing sets are a  higher quality and are built sturdier then competitors. The biggest difference, besides quality, is the ease of installation. Our sets come 80% assembled which lowers time and frustration.

  • Who came up with the concept of a 80% Shipped Swingset, and Why?

  •     Charlie Sammann from Amarillo Tx has been in the Swing Set business for more then 30 Years. Read what he has to say about West Texas Swing Sets here.
  • What does 80% Assembled actually mean?

When your swing set arrives, it will be 80% Assembled. The Fort will be completely built and and all holes will be pre-drilled.  The rock wall and ladder will also be assembled.



  • What kind of wood does West Texas Swing Sets use?  

West Texas Swing Sets uses redwood and cedar. All 4×4  posts are California Redwood. All Floors, Roofs and Walls are cedar.


  • Where is West Texas Swing Sets located?

We have a warehouse/factory with a display area in Amarillo TX. We also have an installer/employee in Dallas/Fort Worth who can come measure your yard and give you estimates.



  • Does West Texas Swing Sets have any dealers?

West Texas Swing Sets does not have any dealers. We sale direct to the customer.


  • Why does West Texas Swing Sets show pricing online, when other companies do not?

Since we sell direct to the customer, we do not go through a middle man. This helps lower costs, and makes it available for us to advertise pricing. Companies with dealers can not advertise prices because they cannot compete with their own dealers.


West Texas Swing Sets Products


  • Will the wood be protected from the weather?

Our wood is treated with an oil base redwood stain. However, to keep any wooden swing set fresh, it would need to be stained every 2-3 years.


  • Why does some of my wood have holes and cracks?

The only wood that does not have any holes or “knots” in it comes from trees with no branches. Knots do fall out occasionally, but are normal and do not affect the stability of the swing set. Redwood and Cedar do have branches; therefore have knots in the wood. “Checking” or cracks in the wood, is also normal. Only in very severe cases does the wood need to be replaced.





  • Who does West Texas Swing Sets use for shipping?

We deliver all our sets on our own trucks and therefore eliminate 99% of all freight damage.


  • How will the swing set be delivered to my house?

The swing set will come on a truck with a lift-gate. They will deliver the package curbside. Watch our 2 Min video about shipping and installation

 Childrens Wooden Swingsets FAQ



  • Do you have anyone who can install my swing set for me?

Yes, we can arrange for installation. Normally, it will run $299-$399 depending on the size of the swingset package.


  •  How much space is needed around each swing set?

4-5 feet of cushion area is typical


  • How many people will it take to install my swing set?

Two adults can easily install your swing set.


  • What do I do about my sprinkler heads?

When installing, make sure all sprinkler heads can still function. If the lower floor of the swing set covers a sprinkler head, you probably should cap that sprinkler head off.

  • What tools will I need for installation?

    • Cordless Drill
    • ½” Socket, Driver for Cordless Drill
    • Phillips Driver for cordless drill
    • 1/2” Box Wrench
    • Level
    • Hammer



  •  What is the warranty on my West Texas Swing Set swing set?

Visit the Warranty Page Here!

  • How long will the swingset last?

Maintained properly, our your wooden swing set  should last 20+ years.


  •  I think I might be missing a part or a part is damaged, what do I do?

   Give us a call or email us and we will immediately send you to part free of charge!

Did the West Texas Swing Sets FAQ page answer your question? If not, give us a call and we will be glad to help you!

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