Wondering what to get you kids/grandchildren for Christmas? Christmas is less then 2 months away! What would kids love more then waking up to a huge swingset with a huge bow on Christmas morning! We know purchasing a swingset can be difficult when on a budget. That’s why we offer FREE LAY-A-WAY! All we ask is you put at least 10% down when ordering. After that, you pay WHENEVER is convenient for you. We will ship it after final payment or if you want to wait until closer to Christmas, that is fine with us. Hiding a swingset until Christmas is not the easiest thing to do! We want to make your children/grandchildrens Christmas special. West Texas Swing Sets promises you and your children will be happy with your order! Call us today to set up your FREE LAY-WAY and to lock in the 25% off Price! 25% off Sale ends December 1st!


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