Difficult and time consuming Wooden Swing Set Assembly is the #1 complaint the swing set industry receives.  We have solved this problem! 

What does 80% Assembled Wooden Swing Set look like? Watch this short 2 min. video!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWcNtP8bXsg?rel=0]



With our patent pending shipping pallet that doubles as the floor, there is no need of disposing of it…this means NO trips to the land fill!

Easy Wooden Swing set Assembly

The fort will be delivered already built. All other pieces are labeled and shipped inside the fort to save room. Our Swingsets are able to be assembled in less then 4 hours!  West Texas Swing Sets makes swing set assembly Easy!

We deliver for FREE using our own trucks so there is no damage.  Most sets are built when ordered, so the wooden swing sets  usually ship out in about 10 days to 2 weeks.  Shipping time, depends on your location.

If you are near our Amarillo Warehouse, and would like to pick it up yourself, we welcome you to do that.

Also, if you feel that assembling your wooden swing set is not for you, we can have your set assembled for you at an additional cost. Call us today and we can help with your installation.


Wooden Swingset Assembly



When you purchase a swing set from a big box store, it will arrive similar to this. How hard can it be right?

Wooden Swing set Assembly


The following picture demonstrates the hundreds of parts of a wooden swing set purchased  from any of the major retailers, such as TRU, Walmart, Sams Club, Costco etc.. These sets have hundreds of loose parts and could take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weekends to assemble.


Wooden Swingset Parts

wooden Swing set hardware

Your time is precious. Do not waste days or weekends assembling thousands of parts, when you can spend just 3-4 hours installing a West Texas Swing Set.


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