Swing Set Maintenance is very important, especially after the winter months. Wooden Swing Sets tend to expand and contract depending on the weather and humidity, which can loosen up bolts. There are a few things to do in order to make sure your swing set lasts.  When it starts getting warmer, swing sets need to be checked for loose bolts and make sure and re tighten them all. Make sure Rock Walls and Ladders are not loose, and also make sure the swing beam is still screwed on tight with the swing beams.  While checking the bolts, make sure that swing seats and other hardware are not worn. Also, sets need to be re-stained about every 2 years with a weather protectant red wood stain. You can get this from your local hardware/paint store. This helps keep the wood looking nice and brand new and also helps give it UV protection.

Has your children out grown that infant swing seat you bought her? We also have many accessories to add to your swing set. All of our Accessories are easy to switch out and have commercial hardware to insure they last. 

Childrens Rockwall & Ladder

Swing Set with Rock Wall


Swing Set Maintenance for wooden Swing Sets

Childrens Swingset Swing Beam


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