Swingset one is our most popular swingset for small yards.




  • Wave slide, rock wall, and ladder
  •  Weight Limit-260 lbs on each swing
  •   4 x 6 Swing Beam and A-Frames
  • ·  Ductile Commercial Swing Hangers
  •   4 Cork Screw Anchors
  •   2 Swing Positions
  •   2 Belt Swings  or trapeze bar

A glider and infant seat can be added to any of our Wooden Swing Sets  in our Accessories Page. If added, the customer will still receive the standard belt swings and trapeze bar. Switching out is very simple.


We recommend having 3-4 ft of empty space around the swing set, to make sure the children do not hit anything while swinging.


Pick up your swing set 80% Assembled . Assembly time is around 1-2  Hours. 



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